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Grando – GD-3002

Grando - GD-3002

General Information & Highlights

  • Heavy media pinch roll, section media pinch roll and high elastic spring effectively guarantee the accuracy of media feeding and stability of printing
  • Intelligent operation panel, easy to operate
  • Automatic media feeder, media holder resistance is adjustable,with thickened 5cm diameter steel pipe.
  • Air-absorbing printing platform, fully sealed air absorption structure and silent air absorption fan design, reduce the working noise, built-in platform heating, accelerate media drying
  • Emergency stop switch, quick power outage in a state of emergency
  • Power shaker dryer control panel􀀍􀀁easy to operate, efficient and convenient
  • “With continue ink supply system, constant pressure ink supply, effectively prevent ink breaking”
  • White ink stirring, white ink automatically intermittent stirring , make the caridge ink circulation to prevent heads blockage.


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